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There are no characteristic signs only for intestinal polyposis. Often for a long time, patients do not feel any signs at all that an adenomatous polyp has begun to grow in them. The most characteristic symptoms of the disease:


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Diagnosis includes palpation, ultrasound, radiography, sigmoidoscopy, contact beta radiometry, colonoscopy, fibrocolonoscopy, laboratory tests.


Adenomatous polyp of the gallbladder is a rare disease, occurring in less than 1% of ranitidine with polyposis. According to statistics, more often the disease affects people after 45 years. The gallbladder is a very small organ, in adults it is only up to 14 cm long and up to 5 cm wide.


In structure, it resembles a sac with thin walls, a wider body, a tapering neck and a very narrow part, from which the bile duct originates. The most severe situation is the location of polyps in the neck or duct. At the same time, the exit of bile into the intestines is blocked, and in patients, yellowness of the skin and whites of the eyes appears.


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The causes of the disease can be inflammation of the gallbladder and its mucosa, improper metabolism, poor nutrition, heredity. Depending on the location, size and other characteristics, the doctor prescribes the treatment of an adenomatous polyp.


If it is found in the stomach, only surgical treatment is possible, since no medication will make the polyp grow back. Tablets only briefly improve the overall picture, but do not reduce the risk of neoplasm degeneration into cancer. If a single polyp is found, only it is removed, and if multiple growths are found, gastric ranitidine is performed.


Another method of treatment is polypectomy using an endoscope. It is indicated for stem polyps from 0.5 cm in size and consists in their removal with a metal loop. In some cases, it is performed on an outpatient basis.

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A biopsy after this operation is required. The same methods of treatment of polyps in the small intestine and colon. In the rectum, if an adenoma is found at a distance of up to 10 cm from the anus, it can be excised under local anesthesia.


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Small growths are removed by electrocoagulation.

In any case, after exposure, the patient is assigned a strict diet. It is believed that benign polyps in the colon can be cured with celandine enemas, which should be done 25-30 per course. The solution is prepared as follows: twist 50 grams of green leaves and stems in a meat grinder, pour 300 ml of boiling water, wait until it cools down, strain.

2 hours before take ranitidine a healing enema, a cleansing enema is done. The patient should keep a solution of celandine in himself for up to 1.5 hours, and children - up to 30 minutes. Procedures are carried out every other day.


Important: Zantac in many patients, this method did not justify itself, and they had to undergo surgery to remove polyps that had developed into malignant tumors. Adenomatous polyp of the intestine.

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Treatment of Zantac polyp of the colon. An adenomatous polyp (adenoma) is a neoplasm that forms on the surface of the large intestine. The formation of a polyp is associated with a risk of developing cancer. Adenomatous polyposis can develop into colon cancer in the absence of the required medical attention, but these cases are minimal.

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Most often there is a simultaneous development of cancer and polyposis. Statistics show that by the age of 60, 50% of the population suffer from adenomatous polyposis (the presence of at least one polyp with a diameter of more than 1 centimeter is confirmed).

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